File Form 941 Electronically

Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return or Form 941 for short is an IRS form that must be completed by the last day of each quarter. The form reports IRS some useful information on employee’s tax withholdings and both the employee’s and the employer’s Social Security tax and Medicare tax.

Since this is an IRS form, you must obtain it from the agency’s website or request one by mail or phone. Assuming you need to file it electronically, you can do so by simply opening up the form in your browser. The IRS website allows you to complete it electronically and print off right away.

Currently, Form 941 for 2020 hasn’t been published by the agency yet. We expect the IRS to issue a new form sometime in January. In the meantime, you can take a look at the draft version of Form 941 for 2020. The draft Form 941 for 2020 can be filed but since it has no value, you must wait for the IRS to update the form.

Form 941 for 2020 Draft

While we wait for the IRS to issue the new electronically fillable Form 941, you can take a look at the above draft form. Currently, no changes have been made to Form 941 in the draft version but the IRS may bring a few twists and tweaks here and there, so be prepared.

Need help with filing Form 941? Visit our front page to read our instructions article to guide you through each step of Form 941.